Caroline Gagné, artiste

Le temps fait œuvre –
​La chambre cabane

Maison Drouin, Île D'Orléans

Integration of arts to architecture policy, ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, The François Lamy Foundation

Le temps fait œuvre – La chambre cabane is a gathering of poetic elements that inhabit the small room located on the first floor of La maison Drouin. The artwork is accessed by the stairs, but can also be seen through the door when arriving from the attic. This singular and intimist space is revealed through clues that delicately trace the contours of a past in continuation with the present.

One day, someone placed a piece of mortar in a hole in the floor overlooking the ground floor, thus marking it in a demure and mysterious way. In the same manner, the finish and the plaster of the walls originate from different eras. We can surmise that a bed was placed in the corner.

On the other side, above the dormer window, some pieces of a flowered wallpaper remain stuck. If La maison Drouin is part of our cultural heritage, it also embodies a value of its own ; that of which is perishable. 

Chaise de l'île d'Orléans
​Thus named by ancient furniture experts, a « chaise de l’île d’Orléans » is positioned near the wall. Cast in bronze, it coins a monument to history ; it portrays a time at once unassuming and frozen and also suggests transformations that occur without our knowledge. Thus emblematic, this sculpture alludes to another reality : it bears witness to what the Île d’Orléans represents symbolically ; the cradle of ‘’French America’’.

Collaboration Verrerie Coquelicot and Che Bourgault