Caroline Gagné, artiste


iPhone application and Sound installation

I made a series of field recordings by listening to the sonic particularities of the landscape between my studio and the house of Anne-Marie Proulx

​A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest

Vibrating and sound installation

The noise of a tree branch—which, in the blowing wind, sounded like a bow grazing a metal gangway—was the catalyst for this work.

Le jeu de l’oie

Disklavier, computer and projection
with Patrice Coulombe 


This installation synchronizes a series of patterns created by geese flying in formation across the sky during their migration with a harmonic and melodic layout automatically played on the piano.


Video installation with  Patrice Coulombe


The implacable constraint of the frame is also underscored  by this duplication particularly perceptible at the point where the limits are crossed by the ship in motion.

The Waterline

Sound and visual installation
​with Patrice Coulombe


The sound, diffused under the image, becomes the space where the object is vanishing under the waterline.​