Caroline Gagné, artiste

Le bruit des icebergs

[The Noise Of Icebergs]
​Multichannel audiovisual installation


I first gathered material in Newfoundland, making recordings under and on the surface of the water, near the icebergs. 

Les Altitudes

Improvisations and audio haikus

The feeling of a garden, a tangible and imaginary ecosystem, acts as an anchorage for the explorations, improvisations and audio haikus.

...les sentiers battus

Interactive video installation

The passage of individuals close to the space of presentation, which is a constantly changing work of art, shows us how the wear and tear progressively appears on the landscape​.

Déplacement d’air

Web Art

Visitors to the Internet site could see on their screen, following the minutes of their visit, eleven pop-ups (crazy advertising segments), all of them invasive and disorganized.​