Caroline Gagné, artiste

Ce qui avait besoin de bouger [...] bougeait

[What had to move... moved]

This residency was part of an exchange program between Rad’Art (Italy) and La Chambre Blanche (Quebec City). 


Sound art installation in public space

Two light-weight sculptures holding cones with loudspeakers delicately stand against the horizon.

Le bruit des icebergs

[The Noise Of Icebergs]
​Multichannel audiovisual installation


I first gathered material in Newfoundland, making recordings under and on the surface of the water, near the icebergs. 

Le jeu de l’oie

Disklavier, computer and projection
with Patrice Coulombe 


This installation synchronizes a series of patterns created by geese flying in formation across the sky during their migration with a harmonic and melodic layout automatically played on the piano.

Le temps fait œuvre –
​La chambre cabane

Maison Drouin, Île D'Orléans

​This singular and intimist space is revealed through clues that delicately trace the contours of a past in continuation with the present.

Les erres

Interactive installation

Following the images of some ten sets of tracks, the video images of a rising tide wash away the footprints.


Sound Installation

In carrying out this project, I first experimented aboard a 300-meter-long container-carrier ship, the MSC Ilona, during a voyage from Charleston (United States) to Antwerp (Belgium).​


Video installation 
with  Patrice Coulombe


The implacable constraint of the frame is also underscored  by this duplication particularly perceptible at the point where the limits are crossed by the ship in motion.

...les sentiers battus

Interactive video installation

The passage of individuals close to the space of presentation, which is a constantly changing work of art, shows us how the wear and tear progressively appears on the landscape​.

Ligne de flottaison

[The Waterline]
Sound and visual installation
​with Patrice Coulombe


The sound, diffused under the image, becomes the space where the object is vanishing under the waterline.​

Soustrait aux regards

Œuvre in situ

First they would hear the soft sound of a cargo engine traveling on the St-Lawrence; and secondly, some mysterious and sparse sounds from sea mammals visiting the same area.

Les maisons de nos jours sont trop isolées

Visual and Sound Installation

This reminds me that the word “solitude” is often mentioned nowadays, even in spite of all the technological progress in the field of communication.​

Autres lieux de passage et lieux d'arrêt

Intervention in a public space

Over a period of a month, in Victoria Park in Granby, I traced the wear and tear of the ground, in order to copy it in a reflecting material.​

Slowly, They Withdraw


For instance, the cartesian planning of our cities versus the reality of our constant moving within the city.​