Caroline Gagné, artiste

...les sentiers battus

Interactive video installation

Diffusion Art Web
2002, Les HTMlles : festival de cyberart, Studio XX, Montréal
2002, Les bâtisseurs de cathédrales, Art Web Daïmôn, Hull
2001, Laboratoire de création Web, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, Québec

2008, C'est arrivé près de chez vous : L'art actuel à Québec, MNBAQ, commissaire : Nathalie de Blois
2006, CITÉ INVISIBLE CITY, 7e MIVAE, Champ libre,Grande Bibliothèque, Montréal
2005, TRAFIC, L’Écart, Rouyn-Noranda, commissaires : Nathalie de Blois et Mathieu Beauséjour 

As an instrument of communication and human exchange, the Internet is part of our everyday world. That said, I find that it is unable  “to represent the sensible world,” not so much in its application but in its morphology, because the phenomenon of the wear and tear of the material always seems non-existent. To create it, even if it is illusory, is to help represent real materials in the virtual world.

This project had a time frame of over a year. At first, I found an image of a public urban park on the Web. Every time this site’s visitor would click on the grass in the image, he or she would wear out the pathway. Minimal at the beginning, you can see how the pathway changes according to the number of visitors. In fact, it necessitates more than 2000 visitors to complete the process.

Furthermore, I have transformed this Web Art into an interactive video installation, which captures the movement in real space. The passage of individuals close to the space of presentation, which is a constantly changing work of art, shows us how the wear and tear progressively appears on the landscape. In the installation version of the project, we can witness how the transparent outlines of the movements of the visitor appear on the image with a slight interval.